MACRO 2018 Ambiente#1

The Bridge project @MACRO asilo: Series of events  focused on the new project by the Iranian(Rome-based) artist Navid Azimi Sajadi. 

The first event will kick off on November 6 and will be ongoing till November 11 Atelier#4: 

Azimi Sajadi has been invited to produce the last work of his series “The Bridge project” by the MACRO Asilo Team,

during the opening week of the November happenings. Hosted in the main MACRO exposition area, Atelier#4 will give 

the opportunity to a wide audience of artists and art lovers to be witnesses of Sajadi’s performance and creative process.

On November 10 in the Sala Cinema Sajadi together with the critic and curator Ashkan Zahraei will present the event #Autoritratto, 

a panel discussion on “The Esegesis Project” the last installation presented in Iran by Sajadi.

The installation was realised with the collaboration of Pejman Foundtion and Dastan Outside and it is based on

 Sajadi’s elaboration of the concept of “ambivalence” grounded in his studies on mythology, cultural history and biblical literature.

On November 13 the Ambiente#1 exposition space will host the official opening of “The Bridge Project”: 

During the exposition it will be also presented the documentary “La Chimera” by filmmaker Marcelo Lippi about the life and work of Navid Azimi Sajadi. 

- November 6 to 11 Atelier#4 

- November 10 #Autoritratto - Panel Discussion with Ashkan Zahraei

- November 13  Ambiente#1 - Official Opening “The Bridge Project”