The Bridge

The Bridge project concerns notions of viewing the union of various existences & dimensions in an imaginative time and space, dealing with ideas surrounding a constellation of ambivalent objects leading us to a uni ed image through each piece. Figures in each piece showcase half-wheel/ bridge gures referring to visual cult in the Mediterranean stretch from Egypt to Etruscans. The body of the work re ects the incarnation of a speculative mapping and geometry that in their union takes the shape of a bridge. A bridge that is formed by many arch spans. Each of these gures which represent half-wheel poses, contains a particular hybrid objects, in a way that each personage gives birth to special contents and matters. These personages, being shapeshifted, become a visual metaphor. Cross-dressed with a uni ed fusion of various religious objects and familiar image cults or known symbols and histor- ical references of our contemporary society. The shapeshiftings and trans gurations of these gures, together with the rhythm of juxtaposition of the pieces Show the way these images are created and transformed into the idols of our contemporary era.In summary, this imagined bridge is a parade of female idols. A parade of the cult images of our time, celebrating and announcing their apocalyptical coexistence.